Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday! And I'm Lookin' Forward To The Weekend!

...especially because my parents are coming! Yay!!
and, also, because thanks to the kids my husband teaches we hit the gift card mother-load last night!
We already had free Wendy's lunch today--woo hoo!!
And Granny and Pop have already volunteered to watch the kids so we can go on a Cheesecake Factory Date night!! Hooray!!!!!!!
I also was gifted these by the students:
Soooo pretty! They smell yummy too! It's good to be married to the music man! =)

Anyways, Granny watched the kiddos last night so that I could go enjoy the concert (thank you again Granny!)! 

 Here they are anxiously awaiting her arrival:
They lost their minds when their grandparents came in! 
They love them so! =)
(And yes, the girls wear matching pjs almost every night. Don't judge =)
Anyways, It was a great concert--I'm hoping some of the videos go up on youtube so that I can post one or two here--my husband is really amazing and I'm not just saying that because he's mine!! He is, I couldn't be more proud of him and everything he does. Seriously. And I *love* that at the concerts everyone tells him how wonderful he is, because he doesn't hear it enough, and he really is.
Anyways, =)
My parents are coming tomorrow and I couldn't be happier! I miss them so much all the time!!! Also, Pathmark is having triple coupons tomorrow so it's pretty much going to be the best day ever!
I hope your tomorrow is the best day ever, too =) Happy Friday!

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