Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Good morning! It's a rainy Wednesday and I couldn't be happier! My newly planted shrubs, flowers and baby grass could really use a good dose of rain! We've escaped the terrible rainy weather the rest of the country has been having and this is the first *real* rain I've seen in a while!
Anyways, Ezra's 18month check up was yesterday! And boy, oh boy, does he HATE poor Dr. Mark! Every time the doctor looked at him, Ezra howled and screamed.
Oy. =)
So we have the big results (my favorite part!!)
Height: 31.5 inches (25% percentile)
Weight: 24 pounds (25% percentile)
Head: I don't remember exactly--it was something like 40--is it centimeters they use to measure heads? I dont know, but I *Do* know that his big giant handsome head is in the 70th% percentile! 
Holy Cow!
I love that guy! Big head = more room on his face to kiss! =)
In other news, we got back Maeve's pre-k pictures yesterday! Now I was a little concerned because she's a non-smiler for professional pics these days--and we got exactly what I expected:
I love it because it accurately reflects this stage in her life--her little placid non-expression. 
Love it.
And then, we were surprised by this:
It's perfect! I love it and her and her little grin.
Funny girl--I'm so thankful you're around!
That's it for now, hope you have a happy day!

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Madre said...

I love (and hate) the big girl picture with her book....she is looking SO GROWN UP! can't wait to see you ALLLLLL !!!!!