Friday, May 6, 2011

i meant to post yesterday but 
and my husband was working last night and i was tired and put my feet up and decided to do one better and went to bed at 9:30
*favorite* (aside from the husband working part!)
it was a glorious day yesterday--my favorite type of weather--cool (not cold) with the breeze, warm (not hot) in the sun. we met friends at the park after prek and though the wee one was melty--it was just what we needed! 
we may not have *needed* the happy meals on the way home--but really, it was perfect.
as were the naps =)
anyways, yesterday i also finally did something i've been meaning to do but haven't really gotten around to doing (any excuse is good enough) and exercised during maeve's prek.
i slapped ezra in the single jogger and did just that
(slow) jogging
i've been "running" (slowly) with him for over a week now and am going further everyday
the first day was like hell-ish torture and i thought (why oh why oh why must i do this?)
and the next day was torture too but not as much burning lungs and screeching legs
and then i took a day off
and then the day after that it was easier
and easier still the next day
i'm almost ready for a 1/2K
(and yes, that *is* what i mean =)
and somehow i crossed what i like to call 
and my lungs didn't burn and my legs didn't ache and i almost enjoyed it
things that would improve my enjoyment of (slow) jogging:
1. better sneakers
2. not having asthma/allergies/etc (so much pollen and sneezing and wheezing render me momentarily immobile) 
aside from that, ezra is a dream in the stroller and loves our little time together; i've found a route with smooth sidewalks (necessity) and hope to continue, not with any grand expectation in mind, but just for health and fitness. 
otherwise i plan to get my exercise (fast) walking the aisles of pathmark with my coupons to be doubled and tripled in hand.
happy friday!

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