Sunday, May 15, 2011


my parents arrived yesterday!
i love having them here and so do the kiddos!
we haven't done anything very exciting--we've been getting rain (figures, when they get here our weather changes from perfection to normal rainy/cooler spring--still nice but not sightseeing weather!). 
i did get to go to girls' night last night with some lovely ladies and really enjoyed the delicious food, the friends and the not-having-the-precious-little-children around! =)
today my mom treated me to an awesome shopping spree! she got me fantastic new running shoes and fancy running socks and a new swimsuit! it was a wonderful blessing!! 
thanks ma!
and to top it all off, my husband and i got to go on a date night tonight while my parents stayed with the kids! 
it is all kinds of awesome.
i hope ya'll had a great weekend! 
they are always over much too quickly!

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