Saturday, May 21, 2011

What a lovely day!
I'm so thankful for the many, many days we've enjoyed without having to run our heat or AC. Woot!
I snapped a few pictures of the kiddos on the porch this morning--the girls are pros but Ezra kept turning his back and running--so I won't post any of his blurry-back-of-head-pics =)
Anywho, all the nonsense with Harry Camping predicting the end of the world, for today, in case you missed it, is so upsetting.
So many people have been needlessly scared and tricked by this man, not to mention the fact that people who follow Christ have been made to look super-foolish to the world.
True prophets speak the truth and don't make mistakes.
Christ will come back in *HIS* time and not according to any man's schedule.
You can have peace about the future.
The end of your life, all life, and the world is NOT a joke.
Any questions? Email me at michellerose630 at gmail dot com.
Some things are just too serious to be made light of.
Happy Saturday and God bless you!

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~Dawn~ said...

Well, in our religion, we're not supposed to believe crazies like this.. or put any stock in false prophets. But I can't lie; as much as I thought the whole idea was nuts, I actually did get really nervous when the day rolled around. I think because people started to freak me out. Including my sister. : ) Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.