Wednesday, May 18, 2011

yesterday morning i was in agony
i had the bright idea to start weaning ezra over the weekend
because, really, after breastfeeding assorted children almost constantly over the last 6 years
i. was. done.
we've gone well past my "goal" of march
and even though it's hard to say *no* to this darling face----->
i had  to stop because 
it had just become annoying to me
and that's the last thing it should be....just so much for so many years and i need to not do it anymore.
i feel incredibly guilty about weaning him
isn't that motherhood though?
doing your best and when you've given all you can still feeling bad that you can't give a little bit more.
anyways--so, i was in AGONY and needed some cabbage leaves like woah and begged my husband to pick some up for me and 
he did...
sort of....
except it was  a head of lettuce (which he assures me is the exact same thing as cabbage--to this i say, eat a cabbage salad instead of a lettuce salad and then we'll talk!)
see? lettuce:
anywho, i thought i was going to die for most of the day but took a nice long nap with the kiddos and some ibuprofen and felt 70% better. thank goodness because last night was FAT CAMP at church which some of my friends organized!
it was brilliant-
-they organized stations with activities and each one lasted 1 minute and you switched (strength training, cardio, abs rinse repeat). the music and company were outstanding and it was an awesome workout! i could really see the difference in my stamina since i have been (slow)jogging for the last couple of weeks--i was still exhausted at the end but i made it until the end! yippee!! can't wait to do it again! 
and that my friends, is the news for now--happy wednesday!


Megan and Company said...

Cabbage.. lettuce.. tomato.. tomatato.


Sudafed might help, too.

And.. YAY for fat camp! You guys were awesome and I'm sore.. but looking forward to next week.

as told by: Korleen said...

are you trying to wean him "cold turkey"? With Sho I went a couple days without nursing her and was in pain then nursed her once and I was fine after that.I don't know if that makes sense. But hopefully it'll help. BTW kudos for making it for so long with him! I could never make it past 11 months because I just needed to have my body back.

BluSkies80 said...

I thought I was going insane when Levi was weaning. I would break out in sweats, have fevers and it felt like my chest was on fire. Even after 5-6 wks of him not nursing I had to have him nurse because I was SO uncomfortable. Since Levi was the longest I nursed I had no idea that's what happened when you stopped=)

Madre said...

What is the cabbage supposed to do?

It's funny, but I don't remember symptoms when I stopped nursing the twins. Must be I stopped gradually. But, as you know, it was a REALLY long time ago!

Hang in there!