Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The kiddies and I had a great day! Ezra was up before the crack of dawn (5:45) for our morning jog--it wasn't as humid as yesterday so it was more enjoyable! We dropped Maevey off at prek and met our dear friends for a few laps around the lake! It was pretty warm out and felt summery! We enjoyed seeing all of the wildlife--baby ducks, geese, and turtles galore!
I brought them home for lunch and a few minutes of outdoor playtime before the best. naps. ever.
They went up at 12:30 and I had to WAKE them at 4.
How on earth did I get so lucky?
Hope your day was as happy as mine! =)


~Dawn~ said...

Your children are so beautiful - I know I've said it before! Glad to see that Maeve has been showing her pretty little smile for the pictures lately! A milestone! Yay..

Shelly said...

thank you! =) i'm so glad she's smiling too! it's about time! ha!