Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Have Been Remiss!!

I can't can't can't believe my handsome little guys turned *18* months and I totally forgot about it (until my dear friend reminded me!)
So, you know what that means! It's time for an Ezra Update! =)
*My little one is not so little anymore! He can RUN now, and in honor of him, I took up (slow) jogging so that I can hope to keep up! =)
*He loves his sisters so much! He and Maeve play many games with no discernible English words and no real rules and no winner and no losers and love doing so! It's so funny to me--they have shared baby language or something! =)
*He loves going for walks in the stroller!
*His favorite snacks are grapes (cut into 1/16ths =), yogurt, and cheerios!
*He finally really truly does sleep through the night! (Amen!)
*He is coming to terms with nursery at church and no longer has a nuclear meltdown (just a tiny one =)!
*He is growing out of his size 5 shoes and his 18 month clothes--he has a check up today--can't wait to see his weight! (And head circumference oy!)
*His favorite game is climbing on the couch and walking off of it (like it's a cliff). So scary. He says, "ouch" when he falls and climbs up and does it again. I am on pillow protection patrol and fling them all around to cushion his crazy antics!
*He loves wearing shoes (especially the girl's sparkly ones!) and he always makes me laugh!
I love this guy so much and am so thankful he's a part of our family!!

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Madre said...

we better find that handsome boy some twinkle toes ( DO THEY MAKE THEM FOR BOYS????) ha ha!