Saturday, March 5, 2011

Remember Summer?
I'm trying to! I miss warmth so much!
It was actually quite a lovely day here today--60ish and sunny!
We straightened and organized the basement and raked and straightened the backyard--the kids played on the swing and on their bikes/scooters/etc.
And we all got some fresh air.
My husband and I finished some painting projects (so many left to do though!) and
Granny and Pop stopped by for a bit.
Oh! And a new and handsome nephew was born last night!
Isn't that wonderful!?
I haven't seen him yet and don't want to steal his picture for my blog so I'll post it when I get a chance to lay eyes and camera on him! =)
8 pounds 14 ounces
That's over a pound bigger than Ezra--I can't imagine!
That's it. =)
Nothing else very exciting--but honestly--a quiet day at home for my little family is my absolute favorite kind of day! I hope you had a happy Saturday!
Goodnight! =)


JerseyGranny said...

I'm picture that beach shot with those adorable swimsuits!

Quiet family days are simply lovely, aren't they?

Love you!

Madre said...

We spent all of yesterday and part of today car shopping. Thankfully, we found a little car for dad and we can STOP car shopping! Sounds like your Saturday was the perfect kind of day! Love you - madre xoxo