Friday, March 25, 2011

Living Room Redo

I was totally *positive* that I had pictures on my computer of our living room *before*. I remember taking them but then they disappeared and I looked everywhere and have officially given up =)
Here is a random picture that a child (Amelie? Maeve?) took with my camera that caught the side of the living room, also the laundry....=):
Here is the background wall color/artwork behind my family on the couch:
Lamest *Before* pictures ever! Ha!
Here's my inspiration picture:

Now, I didn't add a coffee table (too much of a hassle to have one with little kids!) and I didn't add extra chairs but I used the color scheme to jump off with and ended up with this:

I made the curtains, bought new darker couch covers because ours were stained and blah, bought the blinds at the Christmas Tree Shop, used some pillows I had in storage, bought some poster prints and frames with swagbucks...
 reframed artwork from my mother-in-law, painted all the trim white (still working on the small windows in this picture--there is a ton of criss-cross wood/fussy trim in them that need one more coat of paint before I can make the roman shades I want to put there.

I'm still painting the doors that will be in front of the built in bookcases! They still need a few more coats of paint, to be trimmed out with plexiglass instead of the old, brittle glass that's in them now and a decorated with a few odds and ends I have laying around as well as a few pieces I picked up from Christmas Tree Shop.
I love changing things--I have painted the kitchen, living room, and toy room twice since we've lived here (less than 2 years =). I can't help it! =)


Breezy said...

Michelle, OMG! It looks amazing!! I will be expecting an invite so I can check out your handiwork in person!! It's gorgeous!!!!

Madre said...

LOVE your new room!!!! WOW wow WOW! you must be an artist or something - love you!

JerseyGranny said...

You need your own HGTV show! What an AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL makeover! LOVE it!

Devin said...

Wow, Shelly--it's beautiful! You did a great job and have a real eye for detail. So pretty.