Thursday, March 10, 2011


today we were early to pick up maeve from 
it was rainy and a little dreary so 
ezra and i 
waited in the car
it was boring.
so i reached back a finger to see if he would grab it
and he did
and he squeezed my finger tight and 
it was the most beautiful little moment
my little sleeping angel
(there won't be many more months of spontaneous napping--these times are so sweet)
gripping my finger like a vise
and when i pried it away to go grab maeve
he wailed
and i thought
*he loves me*
it's so wonderful, that for a little while, 
to our children 
*we are the whole world*
remind me of this next time i am tired
and weary
these moments are sweet and fleeting and beautiful
did you have any beautiful moments today?

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Breezy said...

We missed seeing you guys tonight- your little faces make the lonely evenings without Pete so much better! But I really needed to stay here and have my brother-in-law rescue my Ebloa-laden computer! At any rate, what a sweet moment with your sweet Ezra! I pretty much live for those moments! :-)