Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This Morning In Pictures

Ezra took a morning nap today 
(as well he should since he was up at 5:30!!!) 
and I got a lot of cleaning accomplished upstairs 
(which is impossible to do when he is awake!). 
After I sorted and took care of the laundry I tackled Maeve's crib--she has a way of transporting toys in secret and stashing them in her bed--this is the rather large haul I took out of it! 
I clean her crib out every couple of days and am always amazed she can sleep which so much stuff in there!
The sad thing is I didn't take all of it! 
Whatta girl! =)
Also, a picture of the saddest sight in the world:
Husbandless medicine cabinet!
He'll be home today though so my toothbrush won't be lonely for much longer!

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Madre said...

I am so happy he is on his way back to you. Praying that every one is safe as they travel. I love you and am proud of the loving hard-working momma that you are!