Thursday, March 24, 2011

I finished my crafting space a few weeks ago--but sadly with my husband's new schedule and all the *busy* that that has entailed I haven't gotten to use it.
So now instead of making me happy it just makes me nostalgic for the times when I used to be able to sit down and quietly work. =)
I wouldn't trade my noisy little ones for all the quiet time in the world though! I'll enjoy these busy moments, hours and days and remember that it's not going to be so wonderfully-busy here forever. =)

See? Even my inspiration boards are empty. Boo.


Devin said...

Well, that room is flat out gorgeous!

I sure hope you get to use it soon. This stage of life we are in is SO HARD!! I find it difficult to even do my quiet time each day, let alone have time for funsies! But you are so right--it will be gone from us so fast and we will cry, missing it.

Here's to enjoying the chaos! :)

JerseyGranny said...

Stunning and chic! When we move into our new home, I'm gonna need some consult-time with you, Shell!

And, yes Ladies, you will be sad and teary once they leave the nest but God, in His Goodness, rewards us with grands!!!

Madre said...

Your decorating looks fabUlous! There is little time to be creative even now, with children on their own. Working and commuting takes a lot of my creative time and energy away!
But....we have to make time for ourselves and as Devin said, for the Lord. Every day we each get 24 hours, but sure need HIS help on making the most of each moment! You are doing a great job as wife and momma - keep doing the next thing! love you