Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Catch Up

This is a loooonggggg week for me as my husband is super busy this week!
He was gone until 9 last night and will be working a lot this week! I'm so thankful that he has a job and an extra job on the side but I really miss having him around!
*The kids were very good yesterday so even though the day was long it went well!
*In other news, I'm not sure how potty training is going. Maeve um...."holds it" (for lack of a better term) all day. She went ONCE yesterday. All day. In the potty and then didn't go again until after she was in bed (Pull Ups). I guess it's good that she knows how to "not go"-- i just wish I could get her to balance that with actually going once in a while! I guess this will come with time!
*This is the amaryllis in my kitchen--so pretty!
* We met friends for coffee this morning (it's a very short pre-k day and there isn't too much you can squeeze into it and coffee was perfect) and it was lovely!
*It's rainy today but not too cold--spring is coming--I can *feel* it! I'm thankful for rain and that my grass is getting greener and that my tulips are getting taller and that my grape hyacinths are up!
Have a happy Wednesday!

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Madre said...

Try tickeling her.... maybe she will slip up and go!