Sunday, March 20, 2011

What I've Been Up To...

So. Yawny.
It's another long mostly-husbandless-because-he's-working-at-his-new-part-time(but feels like all the time)-job.
Also he was out with music team this morning at another church so the kids and I braved our church on our own--we were mostly fine aside from Ezra's screaming/melting nursery fit. 
The show my husband is playing for ends today (Yay!) but he leaves early in the morning to chaperone the senior trip so....he'll STILL be busy.
Which means, of course, that *I'll* be super busy with the Wonderful Three! =)
To "reward" myself for braving the realm of married-but-mostly-single-parenting I'm redoing the living room!
New Paint
A neutral beige-y-ness to replace the blue
New Trim Paint (Fresh paint put on the trim in the play room--used to be dark wood)

New Curtains (Yay for JoAnns and 40% off coupons)

New Art (Gifted from Granny and matching pieces bought with Swagbucks and Amazon =) I haven't decided if I'm going to paint the frames? I have some Nickel-colored-paint laying around from our bedroom redo.....hmm...

So that's what I've started working on and will continue to work on in my "Free Time"
You know...the time that isn't involved with caring/feeding/dressing/changing/carting/playing with the children and cleaning/organizing/thehouse/thelaundry/theeverything.
My brain hurts.
Anyways, it's Sunday and sunny and I'm super thankful that we could go to church today, that my babies are healthy, that Ezra is taking an afternoon nap and that my husband will be home in the near-ish future. 
Happy First Day Of Spring!


JerseyGranny said...
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JerseyGranny said...

I must say that, as much of a *don't-ever-paint-vintage-woodwork* kind of girl I am, the white paint looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see it in person.

(I deleted my first post because I forgot a few words!)

Madre said...

Really like the bright paint! I agree with JerseyGranny....I didn't want to see the vintage brown covered....but when it comes to favorite daughter sure has the flair!
love and MISS you