Monday, March 14, 2011

This weekend I resolved anew to potty train Maeve.
I've been putting it off since our first "failed" attempt and have seen many signs along the way that she's more emotionally/physically ready to start again.
So...we did!
She was more than willing as we started out this morning and although it took awhile for....things to happen....happen they did and we had a pleasant, accident-free day! Yay! 
It's a promising start! She was so excited and proud of herself and loved modeling her Dora underwear--while proudly proclaiming,
"Mama! I'm a big girl now!"
Here's a picture of Ezra offering Maevey moral support! Ha!
We basically laid low today and did the potty thing.
Ezra surprised me by taking a morning nap! This time change has us all out of whack! He's been so cute at naptime though--he's recently become attached to his little blanky (my friend from college makes them--so cute you should check them out!) and when I picked him up from nap he whimpered and motioned for his little blanket! 
Oh my soul that boy is sweet and cute!!
We enjoyed a peaceful night as a family. My husband is working evenings for the rest of the week so I'm sure it will prove to be a long one--but it's the last week like this for the foreseeable future--Woot!
Happy Monday!


Breezy said...

Yay Maeve!!

Madre said...

Hurray! Hope she continues to make progress in "big girl" land!