Thursday, March 31, 2011

rainy days and thursdays

we had a great day!
maeve has a very long preschool day each thursday so i brought ezra home and he napped and i cleaned! it was awesome! it's so hard to get the upstairs put together during the day--i was so happy to be able to do it!
we had a peaceful afternoon at home and it's already bedtime--it absolutely flew by today!
i snapped 50 pictures of my precious children today:
these are the best *4*
they made me laugh!

in other news, amelie sang a solo in chapel today! i wish i could have been there! i heard through the grapevine that there is video--i can't wait to see it!
it was windy, rainy and cool today--isn't march supposed to go out like a lamb instead of coming in like one?!
oh well! it's gotta get warmer soon!!
happy thursday!

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Madre said...

So glad you posted the pictures...we don't see too many with all three of your darlings! So glad maeveycakes grew out of the "no picture" phase. (she is way too pretty...and we need to keep seeing those pictures!)