Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Miscellaneous and Sundry Items

The days have been getting longer and "warmer" (relatively so, that is! hovering in the upper 40s lower 50s).
Guess what my eye spied?
My favorite sign of impending spring--Tulips!!!!
Thank you Mom for planting these--they are a joy to see poking out of the ground!
I heard the birds singing this week too--what a welcome sound!
In other news, I forced myself to sit and blog today because
a) my house is clean
b) the dishes and laundry are done and put away
c) and so are the toys
d) i've taken a nap and had a cup of coffee (with whipped cream) in peace
It's a March Miracle!
And to prove that the laundry is so rarely fully done--here is a picture of my children playing with empty laundry baskets.
They weren't sure what to do first, as the baskets are rarely empty and available for playtime, but they figured out how to make a cage.
I liked that game! =) Ha!

I had a little taste of freedom today--Maeve was at preschool for two hours this morning so Ezra and I tackled our long to do list. We got a TON done and he was a super cooperative and cheerful companion! 
It is so much easier to run errands when there is only one child to unbuckle/buckle/tote with you!
Even if they are well behaved, having 2 or 3 along slows things down a bit! It was great to accomplish so much in so little time--we even had a chance to come back home for some playtime before we had to pick Maeve back up!!
It was a nice little break, but honestly, I still have a hard time sending Maeve to preschool and love having her back home with me! These years with my babies are so precious--they have been mostly peaceful and very blessed.
Thank you God for my Family!
This is the first week we've had with Mr. Wonderful at home during the night since his opera production is over with--only thing is--he starts a new production with the same company on Thursday. It is such a wonderful opportunity but it is definitely going to continue to take me some time to adjust to *days that never end.*
Thankfully we have many dear friends who have been spending our night hours with us and it's been a wonderful respite!!
I am very thankful for my husband's new job and for professionals who appreciate him and his talent and enjoy working with him!
Oh! I almost forgot! His music team was accepted into the Finals for the International Competition of Acappella in NYC again this year! Yay! They totally deserve to be there and I can't wait to see how they do! 
Nothing else is new--I hear my Maeve is up from nap!

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Madre said...

I am so glad you were blessed to see those tulips popping up! LOVE spring time. The only thing that is starting to pop up here, is all of the deposits that Sadie made on our front lawn over the winter. No grass, no flowers just snow up here!
Congrats to Steve's group ! He is amazing!