Friday, August 1, 2008

It's What's Not For Dinner Part Deux: The Cake, The Oven--Don't Set it and Forget it!

I melted a cake yesterday.
I was blogging (*gasp *surprise) after having turned on the oven to get it warmed up for dinner.
A few (twenty) minutes later I came out to the kitchen and smelled something weird.
And then the crap hit the fan and I remembered that there was a cake in the oven!
I opened it and had to pull out all the oven racks and proceed to scrap plastic (from the melted handiwrap and plate) and cake and frosting of of the racks and the inside of the oven.
Oh, and this isn't the first time it's happened...I've melted two or three cakes and a whole Tupperware container full of cookies..They say live and learn but that isn't really working out for me!


Ree said...

I take it you use the oven to store the cake/cookies out of sight and leaving more counter space. That isn't a bad idea IF you REMEMBER they are in there BEFORE ya use it!! LOL!! :D

Anonymous said...

I use the microwave for the same purpose. I melted a few things in the oven and had to make the switch!!

Madre said...

BUMMER ! What a waste of cake - not to mention annoying to clean that mess. Guess that was the perfect end to a perfect day! I hope that tomorrow has a little more fun in it.

charmed1 said...

Next time you leave something in the oven stick a note on the oven door to remind yourself so that you don't melt anything else :)

Sheri said...

Oh I have sooooo done the same thing! bummer, at least teh house is still standing- thats what I always say:)