Sunday, August 3, 2008

Near Death Experience Number 3--Wegmans will never look quite the same

Friday morning while Amelie was at Vacation Bible School I decided to take Maeve for a little one on one Wegman's action and grab our groceries for the week. Of course, I missed my special 6 am on Saturday alone time coffee drinking close parking quiet shopping tradition but I wanted to keep the weekend free for all things relating to the in-law.
We checked off the list in record time and were heading up towards the open cash registers when
-all of the sudden-
(another turn of phrase I hate by the way)
this delivery man came crashing through the checkout lanes with a pile of boxes 6 feet high on a hand truck--running--enthusiastically, I might add-
and I screamed (in the middle of Wegmans)
He stopped just short of careening into our cart (and only ended up jarring it a bit) and Maeve's life was spared only by the sheer force of my will and the volume of my voice.
Your cheeks would be red if you had heard the words that came out of my mouth--suffice it to say they weren't edifying--
After a
"Watch where you're going!!!"
and a
"What's WRONG with you!?!?"
I really let him have it.
It wasn't pretty--but then again, real life rarely is.
We made it through the rest of our Wegman's trip casualty free--but I'll be on my toes next time I'm walking flush to checkout lanes--who knows where the next near death experience will come from!
Oh, and D-day wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It actually wasn't bad at all but I am already stockpiling some really excellent stories...


Ree said...

THe nerve of some people, esp. those delivery people!! They think they just own the space they are in!! Whether it be an isle or while they are in transit!! Glad to hear your D-Day was a D-saster!!

Madre said...

Thank the Lord that the crazy stock guy could put his brakes on in time. I love the way the Lord gives a momma the protective reflex to scream in the nick of time. whew !

charmed1 said...

What's up with you and all of these near death experiences?! Be careful woman! I must say that I am proud of you for the way that you handled that situation. You're a girl after my own heart. I would have done the same thing!