Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Instant Gratification

The photographer from my brother's wedding emailed some of the pics over almost immediately for our perusal--I love fast turnaround!

Aw, a picture of my back for them to cherish always =)
love makes me happy!
my mom and i are REALLY excited here. i love my mom.
look at this angelic creature!
here--i was really worried b/c the photographer told us to kiss amy's cheeks--now, i love amy but i couldn't plant my lips on her, sorry amy, i hope you'll forgive me =)
ah, precious!!


Sheri said...


charmed1 said...

There's nothing like precious memories :)

Madre said...

I love u 2! It was pretty funny when she asked you to kiss Amygirl....I think the pose came out great, just as it was!