Monday, August 4, 2008

"OMW"-Oh My Word! Credit Card Puhlease!

I have a few minutes here before the dinner I'm cooking will beg for my attention and I was perusing Gymboree and they have the CUTEST Halloween costumes ever! We don't even really celebrate halloween but we do celebrate any opportunity to dress up and these are just what I'd love to see my girls in!
Maeve: The Pumpkin Princess
Amelie and her Flight of the Buzzy Bee (there are more accessories for EACH of these ensembles and boy do they ever speak to me!)

Ok, to the kitchen!


Ree said...

You are too funny!!

Sarah said...

I love that place. If only it wasn't soo expensive, and I weren't soo cheap! I think what makes it really expensive, though, is that they make you want EVERYTHING that matches. That speaks to my CDO (OCD in alphabetical order - the way it should be!)

charmed1 said...

They are adorable! Back away from the crdeit card :)

Madre said...

Is anyone thinking about the fact that it CANNOT be possible to be thinking about halloween? Where is our summer going?