Sunday, August 10, 2008

What {(Wedding)} Dreams May Come

Well, my dress is officially altered and fabulous and we're getting our plans written and bags packed for my brother's wedding this weekend! Yippee!! We leave Thursday to head up to NY for a whirlwind weekend of wedding activity and my mind is in such a flurry I've already been dreaming about the big day. Last night I was somehow late to the wedding and wasn't given my flowers so I stole some plastic flowers from the church and brought them down the aisle where I was so late that even the bride beat me! At the end of the ceremony I realized I didn't know where my children were so I left the church to find them and when I did, I saw that they were with all of my friends' children who I left where I found them--unsupervised in the middle of the street. Oy! What a dream! The only good part about the dream was the part where the dress had pockets. I think pockets on a bridesmaid dress are an excellent idea. The End. =)


Ree said...

Cool--can't wait to see the pics!! Have a safe trip and a wonderful time!!
I agree about the pockets--esp. when you are a mamma!!

Megan and Company said...

I'm sure we'll see you 'irl' before.. but have a blast! Family weddings are fun and you and the little ladies will no doubt be beautiful!!

Amygirl said...

Let us all hope that we all get to the wedding on time and remember our flowers :P. No wedding dreams keeping this girl up at night yet!!!