Saturday, August 16, 2008

A deep breath in and out

The wedding was fine!!
The bride--looked divine!
{The baby melted a quarter past nine}
My hair was big, my dress was pink,
I danced with my brother (the first and last time, i think).
So happy I am, for the dear couple that wed--
but it's too late for more--cause I'm off to bed!
Congratulations Matty Boy and Amy Girl--We LOVE you!!
And wish you many many many years of joy and many many many children!


Madre said...

many many red-haired babies :o)

love u honey, so glad your beautiful family could be here for the happy day!

Madre said...

loved the pOem and thank the Lord for a blessed weekend with all my darlings gathererd together :O)

Amygirl said...

It was a beautiful day to share with all that we love. Now for many many red haired children we will have to wait a little while and when it happens hope that they are given red curly hair (one of my greastest dreams). Good chance since my grandfather had red hair and I was a red headed toddler but sadly it turned brown. Let us hope though.