Friday, August 8, 2008

The Brain Test: A.K.A. A Diversion from the things that are really on my mind.

I found this test on my friend Charity's blog and couldn't believe how accurately it has portrayed me! If you have a free minute or two take it and let me know what you think of your results!

Michelle, your hemispheric dominance is equally divided between left and right brain, while you show a moderate preference for auditory versus visual learning, signs of a balanced and flexible person.
Your balance gives you the enviable capacity to be verbal and literate while retaining a certain "flair" and individuality. You are logical and compliant but only to a degree. You are organized without being compulsive, goal-directed without being driven, and a "thinking" individual without being excessively so.
The one problem you might have is that your learning might not be as efficient as you would like. At times you will work from the specific to the general, while at other times you'll work from the general to the specific. Sometimes you will be logical in your approach while at other times random. Since you cannot always control the choice, you may experience frustrations not normally felt by persons with a more defined and directed learning style.
You may also minimally experience conflicts associated with auditory processing. You will be systematic and sequential in your processing of information, you will most often focus on a single dimension of the problem or material, and you will be more reflective, i.e., "taking the data in" as opposed to "devouring" it.
Overall, you should feel content with your life and yourself. You are, perhaps, a little too critical of yourself - and of others - while maintaining an "openness" which is redeeming. Indecisiveness is a problem and your creativity is not in keeping with your potential. Being a pragmatist, you downplay this aspect of yourself and focus on the more immediate, the more obvious and the more functional.


Ree said...

Very interesting--I will give it a try!!

Sheri said...

:) very interesting....I am too scared to see what mine would say right now:) ha ha./.....probably something about needing sleep.....

Tribe Mama said...

Great link, I am going to use it for my students :)

I posted mine on my blog as well, and linked back.