Saturday, August 16, 2008

Honesty is the best policy?

Is it possible to be too honest? I've never thought so. I think it's funny and disturbing that people think that:
a) i've written stories about my mother in law because i hate her
b) i've written dishonest stories about my mother in law
c) i don't love my mother in law
d) that she reads my blogs, knows it exists or owns a computer
e) that my husband doesn't see her exactly the same way i do--with love and exasperation
If you actually knew my mother in law you would know that:
a) i do love her
b) she is even more over the top than my blogs have even dared allude to
c) she knows it
d) she really really likes attention
Shame on any reader who doesn't know me enough to know that my tone is light, the stories really are funny and entirely honest. That is all....back to poofing my hair for the wedding--my goal is BIG...really BIG hair =)


Megan and Company said...

Mostly I'm posting to ask for a good big hair pictures.

charmed1 said...

I love your stories :)

Ree said...

I know you better than that Miss Michelle!!
I can ONLY imagine the REAL 'DRAMA QUEEN' MIL!!!
It would be hilarious yet a bit frightening to be you!!

Sheri said...

wow! She seriously doesn't own a computer!:) ahhhhh....MIL's are wonderful, but boy the relationship is a challenging one:) I say that with love too as I have just had 2 weeks with my MIL:) Its funny because I don't think there is a married person on this planet that can't relate on some level......on facebook I actually have a friend who has put some pretty funny yet iffy stuff on his status update about his MIL.....I always laugh out loud when I read it...mostly b/c I know him and I know how hard things can be at times anyways.....I am glad you all get along and that you and your husband especially can see eye to eye- thats probably the most important....:) Now I have to read below:) ha ha