Saturday, August 9, 2008

Awkward Moments Define My Life: Bad Decision and A Cover-Up

When I was younger I was "blessed" with a wicked unibrow.
It was noticeable and disturbing (especially on a poor awkward 11 year old, glasses wearing, perm sporting, braces flashing girl like myself).
I became acquainted with my tweezers at a young age but it wasn't love at first site.
When my Mom wasn't looking I would grab a razor from the bath tub and shave my brows.
This little deceit worked well for me for a long time until one day I decided to try shaving my eyebrows without my contacs in.
*Unfortunately I am really really really couldn't recognize my own baby's face blind without eye gear*
I shaved off half of my left brow.
It was horrible!
Lucky for me I could wear glasses and it would be less noticeable.
Unlucky for me my Mom thought it was hilarious and after church ushered me to her best friend where she proceeded to lift up my glasses to show the world, laugh and point at me.
Off to pluck!


Ree said...

The HORROR!! I've lived through some of those moments!!

Julie said...

That is great! I was fortunately NOT blessed with unibrow, although I have had my moments with hair removal products...

A Jersey Girl said...

What a great story! You made me laugh(hard). Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Oh how funny... I wasn't blessed with a uni... but rather two bushes that need tamed often. While getting my hair cut yesterday I thought, just get them waxed. (I've had them done before I just don't like to pay for it AND I think I get about 2 haircuts a year... the brows need more work than that...) BUT I won't have to pluck at least for a little while thanks to Autumn...

charmed1 said...

Never did that with my brow but when I was in 5th grade I shaved my arms. I thought that they were too hairy :)

Brie said...

Oh, love!!! That story cracked me up! I have a total Ernie-brow myself- super thick and stubborn as all hell- and have gone through goodness knows what to try and tame my kudzu-like brows! I am going to treat you to a brow wax, I think!! It'll be life changing! That can be part of that girls night out we talked about!!!!

Pete and I leave on our honeymoon tomorrow (YAY!!!!) but would you be up for a pool play date next Friday?