Sunday, August 31, 2008

Awkward Moments Define My Life: Peg Leg

Ah--Picture this--mid 90s and wayyy too late for it to still be cool--
Little Shelly, 5 feet tall with short permed, teased, dyed hair, coke bottle glasses, shiny metal braces and some totally awesome high rolled pegged pants.
I have no idea what I was thinking but for some reason I was totally enamored of all these fashion faux pas years past their prime (if not a decade past).
I blame it on the homeschooling--I was sheltered people--
Livin' on a hill
Spinnin' in the fields Sound Of Music style
Spendin' all my time with books, grassy meadows and the radio
{Inheritin' all of my Aunt's 80s clothes}
It wasn't until highschool when a "caring" "friend" pointedly asked:
"What's the deal with your pants? Are you expecting a flood or something?"
that I changed my ways....
Thank goodness for the mean ones--sometimes they are the only ones who can smash those rose colored glasses and shine the brightly glaring beacon of honesty onto the travesty of my bad bad sad sad
The End.


Brie said...

Yeah, but have you been reading the magazines lately? Peg legs are back- no kidding! But I think I'm going to Just Say No this time. :-P

Julie said...

Ahh...peg legs. SUH-WEET. I used to work with a guy, who in 2000 was STILL doing the peg thing. I asked him about it once, but it didn't help.

I'm a little scared that pegs are coming back - the 80's are hitting with a vengence! A girl at my church was wearing hot pink and orange plastic glasses - you know, the ones that didn't have lenses, but little slats instead (sorta like mini-blinds for your eyes?).

charmed1 said...

I used to wear my pants like that,too. I admit it! Don't think I'd do it again if it happened to appear back on the style scene.