Monday, January 26, 2009

For S & P: The Duggar Family

The Duggar family is featured on TLC because they are unusual.
Jim and Michelle (click here to visit their website) believe in being fruitful and multiplying
Here is a picture of their family (18 kids and counting--HELLO!)
They are very conservative and love Jesus, homeschooling and buying in bulk.
Last night there was a special that aired featuring the wedding of their oldest boy (20) to his sweet, "unspoiled" bride Anna. They have a website too--click here.

Their wedding was a bit unusual as they were saving themselves--and I don't mean just THE saving themselves I mean, they had never even kissed.

They SIDE-HUGGED after the marriage proposal for goodness sake!!!!

I'm a huge fan, believer and survivor of *true love waits* but come on people--a little lip action never killed anyone =)

Anyways, I do think it's cool--and amazing and neat-o that they're so sweet and good and pure.

So, that is what my previous blog was about--the fact that a form of the morning after-pill sponsored their programming on TLC--was a bit shocking.

Ok. Carry on with your day =)


Megan and Company said...

Heh! Lip action. Indeed!

Julie said...

I've never seen the show, but I've heard about them off and on.

I think it's awesome that the son & his new bride were VERY innocent when they married. You pretty much NEVER hear about that anymore. What used to be pretty normal is now looked upon as being weird and old fashioned.

I would love for kids in our kids' generation to bring back THAT trend!

Pamela said...

I saw the engagement episode on Discovery Health Channel. While it's really nice that they are preaching purity, I'm conflicted... I feel like they are bragging about not even kissing before their wedding day. Look at us! We're supergood! And filled with tension!!! And our families follow us everywhere we go so's we don't crack!!!

Silly or nice? I can't decide.

Breezy said...

Shel, I seriously choked on a chip when you said they side-hugged! I am so glad you watched, even though you couldn't make it to the reception! And that we share the same opinion, although you are SOOO much sweeter in your expression of it and made a little less fun then I! :-)

See ya Wednesday!

SarahV said...

my brain feels much better. thank you :) when i had cable i remember watching the show where they built their new house. they were interesting :)

Shelly said...

brie--when i was writing that sentence about side-hugging i thought of you and knew you would think it was funny--ha!