Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where Was I? Good Question! (**updated, apparently I can't do math)

My friend Megan started this meme on her blog so I thought I'd give it a whirl...hopefully I can actually remember what I was doing, ha!
Where were you January 21st....
5 years ago- 24 years old,
I was working at Archway teaching k-12 art (most interesting job ever) while Mr. Wonderful was teaching music at his High School alma mater. We went out every single weekend with our friends Josh and Sarah. We saw lots of movies, played lots of Nintendo and ate lots of take out. I miss those days with our best friends living in the same state so stinkin' much.
Now those were the good old days!
10 years ago- 19 years old
Cloistered at Cedarville working on my degree in English Education and Art but spending most of my time shopping with Patty and Rachel and talking with Jenny Lynn and Sarah E. It was winter quarter so I was probably cold and tired of walking to the fine arts building in a skirt in 20 degree weather. This was my life pre-dating-Mr. Wonderful-life-so most of it is a blur.
15 years ago- 14 years old
Home schooled.
at home with my twin brothers who spent most of their time outside/taking things apart/putting them together.
A little lonely but quiet, peaceful, happy.
Spent lots of time with my many homeschooled friends from church.

Where are you going?
5 years from now-
My Amelie will be in 3rd grade? (prek, k, 1, 2, 3...yep 3rd grade). Maeve will be in kindergarten and I hope to have 1 or 2 more kids by then, and Lord willing, will probably still be home with them but finishing my Master's in Library Science. Mr. Wonderful will either be where he is now or working at some fabulous college--preferably one in a cornfield and not in new jersey.
10 years from now-
Amelie will be 14 and Maeve will be 11--they'll be big and wonderful--I can't wait! I'll be very old and teaching teaching teaching. Mr. Wonderful will be doing the same. Thinking about our future together makes me happy as does thinking about our present--God has blessed us so much.
15 years from now-
Amelie will be in college and I'll be having my first mid-life crisis-letting my baby go =) Maeve will be super old and cool and in high school. Mr. Wonderful and I will be still be in the classroom--maybe teaching at the same school so we can spend lots of time gazing adoringly into each other's eyes and whatnot.
20 years from now-
Maybe my babies will be having babies of their own.
Maybe Mr. Wonderful and I will retire and become salsa dancers or go to live on an island where we spend all of our time in our art/music studio.
Wherever we go, whatever we do...I'm so thankful that God is in control of our futures. He is always holding us right in the palm of His hand. Nothing will befall us that wasn't ordained from before our birth and none of our future will come as a surprise to Him.
What a blessing!
If you want to reminisce about your past and speculate about your future--leave a comment below the post to link up to your predictions =)


mumameee said...

Ok this was fun, scary, exciting & daunting all mixed into one!!! Thanks for sharing. I posted mine for you to see.

SarahV said...

i miss 5 years ago :(

Devin said...

That was a fun read Shelly! I may do that myself soon!