Monday, January 26, 2009

Sick Little Sister Featuring: The Stomach Bug

My little one is ultra-pathetic today.
She started feeling poorly right after church yesterday and didn't eat anything all afternoon and went to bed at 5!!!!
This is how she looks when she is sick and sad:
What a heart breaker!
I finally got some Tylenol to stay in her today and she is perking up a bit =(
Luckily her "well" check was scheduled for today so the doctor can evaluate her sorry situation.
Poor little lamb!
P.S. I'm sorry if your baby was in nursery yesterday...Maeve didn't act/become/look sick at all until right after church.
The evidence in my defense:
A picture of a very happy, smiley, healthy looking Sunday morning know, just for the record and all =)


Megan and Company said...

That poor sweet thing! Even sick, she is absolutely adorable!

Micayla said...

Poor baby, she looks so sad :-( I hope she starts feeling better!

Julie said...

Poor baby!! Hope she's feeling better soon...