Friday, January 30, 2009

Tag! I'm It. ***updated with new tag-ee =)***

The name of the game is tag and the rules are as follows:
1. Go to the 6th picture folder and pick the 6th picture.
2. Post and wax nostalgic about said picture.
3. Tag some peeps.
This picture is of Amelie and was taken during one of the first "photo shoots" I set up for her. It involved a blanket and a rather large bear animal from one of her uncles. I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I love these pictures and her sweet smile. Where did my little baby go? In this picture she was 16 months old--what a little love!
Thanks for tagging me Carol, I love a trip down ol' memory lane!
I don't usually tag people but I have decided to--you know, just cause, and they are as follows:
1. Amy
3. Brie
6. You! Tag yourself if you want and leave a comment in the comment section--I would have tagged more people but I think a lot of people have already been "hit" with this =)


~*~Brianne~*~ said...

I am a total dweeb! When I saw Brie on there, I was like.. Shelly tagged me WOOO HOO! Then, I clicked on "my" name and saw that it wasn't actually me. I'm not used to seeing people with the same name as me (that's how everyone spells my nickname, even though that isn't how I spell it!)


Shelly said...

consider yourself tagged friend!

JerseyGranny said...

I am so clueless! I don't know what to do...??

~*~Brianne~*~ said...

I posted. Sorry about the mix up. I am definitely not used to seeing other people with the name Brie! Have a great weekend!

Devin said...

I can not get over how much your two girls look alike--it's almost unbelievable! They are just so cute.

BluSkies80 said...

this was fun michelle=)