Friday, January 30, 2009

Store Front Inspiration

Upon leaving our favorite local haunt, Treehouse Coffee Shop Extraordinaire), I was browsing store fronts and noticed the Lynn Academy of Irish Dance.
I was a little obsessed with Irish Dance in high school and totally want to sign Amelie up in the fall--I mean, have you seen the cute hair and costumes?!?
And it doesn't hurt that it puts us one step closer to the lord (little l) of the dance.
Love it!


Julie said...

While I don't share your appreciation for the lord of the dance (well, at least not that guy anyway), I do love Irish dance. It's so pretty, and of when it's done well it can send chills up one's spine. (at least in my opinion).

I'm certain Miss A would look lovely in one of those costumes!

Pamela said...

I'd way rather have my daughter do Irish dance than that booty-shaking, shoulder shimmying stuff most kids do.