Friday, January 23, 2009

The Most Horrifying Lyrics To A Children's Song Ever In The History Of The World

I will never forget the first time I heard Mr. Wonderful sing all the "verses" to Jesus Loves The Little Children to Amelie.

He was holding her and rocking her to sleep and after the first verse started singing


They are:
Jesus loves the Indian Boy!
Bow and arrow for his toy.
Great big Eskimo,
Little Chinese,
Jesus loves the world you see!

Seriously?!?!? This is the most racist children's song I have ever heard--um, Indian boy and bow and arrows, big? Eskimos and little Chinese? Who came up with that stuff? I have attended a Baptist church my entire life (nearly 30 years now..ahem) and never once heard any verse to Jesus loves the little children aside from the silly one about how Jesus loves the purple orange and navy blue children (Jesus loves the weird ones too...).
Are there any other highly inappropriate verses out there that I ought to be aware of?


Breezy said...

Oh,Michelle, that cracked me up! I don't know any inappropriate children's songs offhand, but I do have a very severe, strong moral objection to KidsBop songs. I'm sorry, but the act of children singing in and of itself does not make "My Humps" a children's song!!!

Pamela said...

must be one of those Christian right songs. measuring left to right on the know, so far right they hang out with all those K's. mer.

Sheri said...

yea I agree that's pretty bad...what about the "poor" bi- racial kids- Does Jesus love them too:) he he

SarahV said...

i'm curious where he learned that verse. i looked up the song just to see if there were any other crazy verses and i couldn't find that verse on any site. maybe some crazy s.s. teacher made it up? wouldn't surprise me.

Malzebabe said...

Jesus loves the Indian boy,
Bow and arrow for a toy,
And he loves the cowboy too
With his horse and rope lasso

Jesus loves the Eskimo
In the land of ice and snow,
Big Philipino, wee Chinese
Living far across the seas.

Thesec were the patronising lyrics we were taught in the 1950's. Thank God those days are far behind us.