Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Family Five

1. My husband took a day off today for a fun family day--can I get a woot woot?!
2. We went to the mall to walk around and since Amelie has been obsessed with Santa lately (even though I told her that Santa is just pretend and that Christmas is about Jesus she STILL loves him--i think it's his fashionable suit), and there was no line to see him, we let her go through to tell him what she wants for Christmas. She was terrified. Refused to touch or talk or be near him. Oy!
3. We went to Build A Bear for the first time as we rec. a coupon for 50% off in a magazine Amelie was gifted for her birthday (Thanks Janet and Megan for the gift that kept on giving!). Amelie picked out a puppy, a princess shirt and promptly named him Bear. She's different that girl of mine.
4. After a delicious lunch Amelie decided to try Santa again and this time became quite chummy and relaxed and let him in on the fact that she wants a Barbie Princess Big Girl Bike for Christmas.
5. We drove home in the snow eating ice cream (it was delicious} and we all took naps.
The End.


Janet said...

That right there in heaven. Right down to the icecream! Enjoy a fun weekend together!

Brianne said...

Your day sounds totally amazing! I think we'll have to take a "family fun day" soonish, also! Have a fantabulous weekend :o)

Julie said...

Sounds like just a perfect day!

Sheri said...

Ok I LOVE The festive blog and the music!!! I may leave it up just for the music!!!:)

Sounds like you had a nice fam day! thats great!!!!

Pamela said...

sounds like fun.

~Dawn~ said...

I am thrilled that you put this song on here! It's my fav Christmas song. Now I get to hear it every day!