Friday, November 28, 2008

Home Is Sweet

We're home, from home, and our Thanksmas Extravaganza.
It was lovely to see my brothers and my sister by marriage.
It wasn't that lovely to see, drive through, trudge through the snow...but it comes with the upstate NY territory.
(Although Amelie was IN LOVE with NY winter and sledding and making snow people with Granny and Pop)
(and I guess it was good to hone those rusty driving through a blizzard skills)
All of our wonderful and fun presents are put away and I had some time tonight to decorate my tree! (The hubby is out at a well deserved movie night with friends and the babies are sleeping--for the most part).
I'm watching a happy little love story on tv and enjoying a quiet night with a tall glass of chocolate milk (and thanking myself for cleaning the house thoroughly and decorating for Christmas before we left so I only had relaxing and tree-decorating to do).
After we got in, we headed back out to pick up our Christmas pictures--which are all lovely and now nestled in frames around our home.
We drove home past a parade of fire trucks decorated in Christmas lights...I have never seen such a thing--it was fun and a little noisy.
Now, to put my feet up and turn off the overhead lights so I can enjoy the sparkly white tree lights. Ah...


Devin said...

Oooh, that just painted the nicest, coziest little picture of your home. Hope you are enjoying yourself tonight!

Sheri said...

sounds like fun.....a fast visit though no?

Glad you had a blast!

Madre said...

there surely is something to be said about a festively decorated home and drinking it all in at the end of a busy day - I LOVE Christmas decorations and the fact that they light up very dark mornings and evenings!