Friday, November 21, 2008

Phone Number Phenom

We were driving in the car last night and as we passed a sign Mr. Wonderful read a phone number off a sign:


Amelie chimed in:

2! 1! 7! 3!

Mr. Wonderful and I looked at each other--surprised that she rattled off 4 numbers (we've never taught her how many numbers are in a phone number etc...) and then realized that we recognized those 4 digits somehow--they were part of a phone number--but what number?

And then it hit us.

She had said the last four digits of our home phone number!

The home phone which has been unplugged for just about the whole year b/c I don't want the ringer to wake up anybody during naptime and I always forget to turn it back on.

The home phone we just dropped b/c I only ever use it to find my lost cell phone.

The home phone number we don't give out to anybody b/c we NEVER use it--we always give out our cell numbers.

How in the world did she know those numbers?

It was one of those moments that just kind of left of speechless.


Julie said...

You, my friend, are raising a baby genius!

Isn't it just the coolest ever when your kids know stuff you KNOW you've never really sat down to teach them?

Madre said...

She's too much! memorize grannies number....

p.s. LOVE your blog's Christmassy look

Ree said...

It is so funny how certain things that they only hear like one time stick with them!! Maybe she heard you state that # when you called the phone company to cancel!?

Pamela said...

That's supersmarts right there.