Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday: Say It Ain't So, Shelly, Edition 2's Monday again and I thought you'd loveee to hear all about all the things I totally didn't do today...
Even though it's Monday
and Monday always brings out a case of the blecks, blahs and mehs in me,
I did not visit my husband at work only to lay down on the choir riser while he wrangled both babies in his nice shirt and tie.
I did not whine and moan about the fact that Maeve fell over again and hit her head again on another picture day (which I have not had to reschedule 3 times due to injury).
And, "I hope her head doesn't bruise--I don't want our pictures to be ruined." certainly wasn't the first thought I had when she fell over, of course I thought of her safety first!
We also didn't go out front to play today because I was too lazy to take them to the park and I sure wouldn't have let Amelie dig in the mulch around our apartment and plant a "garden" (i.e. sticks) all over the place and I would never let Maeve EAT sticks while Amelie was busy planting them.
I also didn't make homemade bread, cinnamon bread and fried today and allow myself to eat ALL of the fried dough that I didn't make (instead of lunch). And I sure wouldn't let my girls eat their lunch off of the (dirty) kitchen floor just because they wanted to and it was easier that way.
Nope, not me!
And there is NO WAY I am going to go ahead with our family Christmas picture tonight just because I don't feel like rescheduling for Maeve's new head bruise and I am not the kind of mother who would just dab a little makeup over the wound to make it less noticeable on our Christmas cards.
And last, but certainly not least, I do not plan on watching Desperate Housewives online while my girls are sleeping instead of cleaning the house.
Not me!


Julie said...

Shelly - I totally did NOT think of you first when I read that HarperCollins is going to include the word "meh" in their dictionary's 30th edition.

I did NOT once burn my daughter Bug's forehead whilst curling her hair for a family photo because I WASN'T disappointed that she didn't have naturally curly hair.

I totally could NOT relate to the whole "I hope she doesn't bruise and ruin our picture" remark.

I have NEVER just handed the kids over to my husband so I could get a little rest, even when he was busy doing something else.

I DIDN'T sneak down into the basement so I could eat a piece of Puckey's Halloween candy without the kids seeing me.

I think the worst thing I have NEVER done was force my 11 year old out of the car at the bus stop when it was cold outside because I wanted to go back home and go to bed.

Nope. I would NEVER do those things.

(It's nice to know there's other moms out there that wouldn't do things that I wouldn't do, too...)


Sheri said...

I lvoe these posts!:) ha ha....and oh I had no idea desperate housewives was on the internet- figures though- everythign is- hmmmmmmmmmmmmm