Monday, November 17, 2008

Imagination Situation? Toddler Fodder? Creepy Coincidence? You be the judge.

The other day Mr Wonderful picked Amelie up from AWANA and something just wasn't right.
She was soaked--from her cute little cubbie vest all the way down to her cute little cubbie toes.

So, Mr. Wonderful asked, "Amelie what happened? Did you have an accident?"
Amelie says, "I can't know."

Like a good dad he sniffed the saturated areas (you know all parents do this--sniffing foreign objects and questionable stains becomes a part of daily routine) and declared it to be smell free so we assumed that it had to be water.

All through the car ride home Mr. Wonderful asked her with differing techniques (getting accurate information from a toddler is like...impossible..that's what it's like) and every time she gave him the same response.

"I can't know."

When they got home he asked me to talk to Amelie to see if I would have any more success in the 20 questions department.

"So...Amelie, did you have fun tonight?"
"Yes Mama."
"I see that you are a little wet. How did that happen?"
"Um...excuse me? What's a Weggie?"
"I can't know."
"Did "Weggie" get you wet or have something to do with getting you wet?"
"Weggie spilled water on me. On my vest, my skirt AND my pants."
"Who in the world is Weggie?"
"A boy."
"You mean, Reggie? Or Bobby? Or?"
"No, it's Weggie."
"How did Weggie get water on you?"
"He reached for my cup and then spilled it on me but it was an accident so I'm ok."
"Ok...that's fine honey, we just wanted to know what happened."

Fast forward two days later, we still didn't know who or what Weggie was and so Mr. Wonderful asked her again...
"So...Amelie, about Weggie--is he a real person or did you just make him up."
"He's made up. He's not real."

I still kind of believe that "Weggie" is a real person (although, I doubt his name is actually Weggie or anything resembling Weggie) but Mr. Wonderful thinks that she spilled her own water and then made up a story and the only thing she could think of for a boy name was "Weggie" which is our affectionate nickname for Wegmans.

The world may never know...


Megan and Company said...

Ha! I can confirm that there is no "Weggie" in cubbies. Nor is there a Reggie or Bobby. ;)

As to the elusive wetness.. I have no explanation to support either theory. No spills were reported or cleaned up at her table, to my knowledge. Sorry... :)

Sheri said...

HA! That is funny!1! Kids!

I can't wait to have actual conversations with sammy......

Brianne said...

I laughed out loud on this one... like majorly out loud ~ that's hilarious.