Wednesday, November 19, 2008

He's Back...."Weggie" Strikes Again!

So remember the he or isn't he real post about Amelie and the mysterious water spilling Weggie of Awana?
Well, I told Mr. Wonderful that his job tonight was to ask Amelie to point out the mysterious Weggie so we could find out if he was a real person or not.
Drum roll please....
Just like I believed he was--he is--REAL!
Apparently when Amelie was leaving for the night and Daddy was helping her get her stuff together she literally grabbed his head and pointed him in the direction of Weggie, whom our favorite Cubbies director identified as Wesley.
So he's real...and luckily he isn't named after Wegmans after all.
That toddler of mine...what a trip!

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tjskidsncritters said...

Now I have to cancel the appointment with Unsolved Mysteries!
(they're still on aren't they?)