Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Meanderings

* I think Maeve and I are on the mend---like a 12 hour bug for her and a 24 hour one for me--the rest of the family remains unscathed---let's hope it stays that way!

* When Maeve and I arrived at the Dr.'s for her weight check they said, "Oh, she's just getting the second part of her flu shot today b/c there isn't a doctor available to give her a weight if you'd like to come back..." Mer. I'm not gonna do it. It annoys me that we've been waiting for this day to come and then it did and it was uneventful. I guess we'll check her weight at her 15 month appt. which will be here before we know it. Still...

* I think my Christmas pictures are ready to pick up...but silly me, I can't find my receipt thingy....Mer.

*I'm still working on my free Cheesecake and it is still delicious.

*As soon as Mr. Wonderful and Amelie get home from Granny and Pop's (we are borrowing their fabulous wheels for our northward journey) I have to pack up all our stuff for Thanksmas/Christgiving in NY. As long as we're know...being sickies.

* Oh and somebody, please remind me to stop looking at Baby Gap. It's a sickness and I just can't help it. Here's what caught my eye tonight:

(Um, I heart leg warmers--I so love that they are in style now!)
Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I beg to differ- I am quite scathed!

BluSkies80 said...

glad to hear that you're feeling better! have a safe trip and a wonderful thanksgiving/christmas with your family!

SarahV said...

couldn't a nurse just plop her on a scale and tell you what she weighed? oi.

and man those clothes are cute! i know i'm having a boy but he may just have to wear that hat :)