Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh the things that have changed...

they say motherhood changes you
and i can prove it's true
i just de-gutted a turkey
with my bare hands
(and it didn't bother me at all)
never before
would i have attempted such a feat
(such a gnarly victory)

Ode to Tom the Turkey
oh gigantic turkey, at .50 cents a pound,
Lord knows I didn't need you
but I couldn't resist
such a coupon

you're in my oven warm and toasty
(already smelling delish)
i'll be putting you in every dish
for a month

so dear tom continue please
to cook and get all roasty
just five more hours until my friend
upon my fork you'll meet your second end
so lightly brown and lightly buttered
newly gutted salted smothered
i'll see you soon oh cook with speed
dear dear tom, the cooking roasting toasting tur-key


Pamela said...

Oh dear. I was hungry for some lunch before I read this, and hungry for lunch is an easy fix. But now I'm hungry for turkey. Not so much an easy fix.

Julie said...

I'm proud of you! I (even after 5 kids) still can barely handle raw chicken breasts.

I've made a couple of whole chicken and a whole turkey, but was so grossed out by the time I got them into the oven I couldn't eat them.

If I had to kill and prepare my own food, I'd starve (or at least be a vegetarian)

Now if only I could get grossed out by chocolate, cookies, soda-pop, etc.....

BluSkies80 said...

can i come for dinner?

Breezy said...

Love the turkey poem!!

Madre said...

does this mean you can prepare the BIRD for our meal???
ha ha (just kiddin - doesn't bother this seasoned momma at all)