Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Annual Date Night

Mr. Wonderful and I actually went out last night WITHOUT babies...for like the first time...since Maeve! Our very loving and support Granny and Pop of the East watched the girls for us as we headed to a local coffee shop to watch our friends perform.
(You can hear them here)
They were excellent in concert and the coffee was delicious and it was so nice to spend time with Mr. W. I heart him.
At one point I looked over at Mr. W and asked why he looked sad and he said to me,
"I'm not sad--I'm thinking about the chord progressions of each song and what they would look like on paper. The songs Jon writes always use a blues progression with flat 7ths and Carrie's songs are always in a minor key."
And I was like..."Um...I just like listening to it."
That's the difference between my husband and I--I listen to music and he SEES the music.
Jon and Carrie were great--it's so nice to see a married couple that make such a good team!
When we got back home the girls were VERY sad to see the grandparents go
(which is a very good thing=).
Thanks Granny and Pop for watching the little ones!


charmed1 said...

We haven't been out without the kids in so long that I forgot what it's like! Hope you had a great time :)

Devin said...

Oooh, got to LOVE date night! Glad you all had a great time.

BTW, I love the new look and your new profile pic, and love the music too!

Madre said...

YEAH for date night and a nearby grannie and pop pop!

So very glad you got to steal away for a few brief moments with your honeypie.

LOVED LOVED LOVED the music - what a great duo they make.