Monday, September 1, 2008

Awkward Moments Define My Life: College & Love Edition

Have you ever desperately tried to impress someone and you end up leaving the opposite impression?
It happens to me all the time {but then I might be the only one}.
Back in my college days of yore, while I was dating my Mr. Wonderful, I vividly remember trying to impress his cool and newly married friends, *The B's*
Now, if you knew me back then I was a little, abrasive, sarcastic, uncouth--you know, honest, direct--but in the scary way.
I so desperately wanted to fit in with his married friends and make a good impression on them (especially since our relationship was so new)
that I tried my best to be sweet and kind and good and funny--
unfortunately I wasn't all that great at doing that!
One night, the B's so graciously made us dinner and I engaged Mrs. B in small talk about food and what not and learned that she was making strawberry short cake for dinner--
I love strawberry shortcake and decided to share a "funny" story with her about something I'd experienced over Thanksgiving break---
"Yeah, so I was like totally at my Aunt's house and she was making whipped cream, like you are, and she did THE MOST DISGUSTING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN SOMEONE DO TO WHIPPED CREAM!!!"
Mrs. B sweetly asked, "Well, what was that?"
"WELL, she put powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar in the whipped cream and it was DISGUSTING! Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous as powdered sugar in whipped cream!??!"

Mrs. B replied, "Why, yes--I just put some in mine."

Oy. I wanted to run right out the door and head for the hills--instead I tried to nonchalantly play it off as if I were joking.
Too bad I wasn't any good or convincing as a nonchalant "i take it all back and then some" joker.
Somehow she forgave me and we ended up as friends
-but I'll never forget the effects of trying too hard to entertain a new friend--
it just gets you into trouble.
And I'll never judge a whipped cream again.
Scouts honor.


theweaver said...

Oh you are SOOOOO FUNNY! I had completely forgotten about this... I was too worried about impressing you and Steve!


I've done similar if not worse... and just os you know... it's all in the AMOUNT of powdered sugar you put in whipped cream!

A Jersey Girl said...

I love that you share these stories. They are too funny for you to keep to yourself!

Thanks for the laugh:)