Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Madre and Padre!

I'm beyond thankful that many (many, many, many) moons ago that you were born and ever so much more thankful that God saw fit to give me ya'll as parents.
Happy Birthday (and many more) to you both!
God bless you and keep you safe in your many adventures together!
All our love to you both today and always!


Ree said...

Sending Birthday Wishes to them, as well!! Do they share the same day? Or are they just close?
BTW-don't ya just love the 3 columns?? It just shows so much more!!

Breezy said...

Dear Michelle, You MIGHT look a LITTLE BIT like your mom! Yours truly, Brie
(they are way too cute, thanks for sharing!)

Madre said...

thank you so much, my dear daughter, for the gift of my blog and for being YOU! (and yes, Ree, our birthday is the same day, but my Mr Wonderful is 4 years older than me) :0)

Janet said...

OK. Hmmm...who do you look like. Your smile looks just like your dad's, but I see your mom, too. You are a perfect mix!

A Jersey Girl said...

HAHA, my parents have the same birthday too. So funny.