Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gender Bias: My Favorite Soap Box

One of my favorite soap boxes to jump on is Gender Bias. I've been surrounded by it my entire life--and from growing up immersed in it to raising two daughters in the midst of it I can say I'm sick to death of it. I appreciate that God made men and woman different--I really appreciate that my husband is different then me--it's what makes him Wonderful, but I think it's absolutely ridiculous to assert at any time that woman are less than men.
*Emotions and femininity aren't handicaps.
*Dresses and pink and pony tails aren't a sign of weakness.
So, I am thoroughly sick and disgusted with most of the media's coverage of Palin these past days. I know that politics is a boys club but seeing Palin's family spilled across the tabloids and hearing her name sloshed around the television is really getting to me.
First of all, no one has taken "B.O.'s" children and put them on the cover of trashy magazines or asked if he'll be a good dad if he becomes president...but ever so quickly Palin's youngest son, eldest daughter and her ability to be a good mother and a VP have been ever so thoroughly questioned and speculated upon.
(If McC had chosen a young man with a family as VP you had better believe no one in the world would question his ability to parent and fulfill his duties.)
And seriously, don't those silly reporters know that if anyone can multitask--that it's a WOMAN?
Ladies, have you ever asked your darling husband to do two things in the same sentence only to find out that only one was accomplished? Try as they might--men just aren't always that fantastic at doing and thinking and planning and organizing at the same time--but a mother of five--Lord knows she'd have to be a pro!
(Oh, and am I the only one who thinks that Palin looks like Tina Fey? We're talkin' dead ringer here people!)
I think it's fair and just to question a candidate based on their policies, practices, record, goals etc...but to judge their future efficacy based on gender disgusts me.
So next time you hear a little gender bias or are ready to dish some out yourself--remember that God has used women to accomplish some amazing things--
(like having his SON for instance...)
Now's a good a time as any to hop off my box and into bed for a delicious nap.
And since I'm a multitasking mother I'll be cooking dinner (a la crock pot), dreaming of another blog entry and balancing the check book whilst I sleep.
(Top that B.O.!)
The end.


charmed1 said...

I personally can't imagine why the media thinks that Palin's daughter is the first pregnant 17 yr old - at least that's what it seems like they're trying to say. She is one of millions and as sad as it may be it's the norm these days. I would think that they could find something more interesting to report on.

You send your hubby to do 2 things and only one gets done? How do you do that?!? I'm lucky if mine listens and gets even one of them done!

Definitely joining you on your soap box. I am a mom of 5 and multitasking is my specialty. I challenge any man who thinks that he can do what I do in a day. He'd quit after the first 10 minutes!


Sheri said...

HAAAAAAAAA! HIllarious!!!! talk about multitasking I am mastering the art of walking while breast feeding so that I can tend to other crisis htat co- occure...... I totally agreee with you ladies.....and JEss you are too funny!!!:)

Kelly said...

what does having a 17 year old pregnant daughter and an infant son with down syndrome have to do with running our country? More power to Sarah Palin. She is a very successful woman.

Devin said...

I am lu-hu-huving Sarah Palin. She seems like the best thing that has happened to our country in a long time. If a male candidate were to stand up and say the same things she's saying, I'd support him just as fully....

....but something in me thinks it is just so cool and appropriate that this awesome new thing happening to the Republican Party is a WOMAN!! :-)

You go, Sarah. I'm a multi-tasker, too, and I know you'll be great at all 14 irons you have in the fire.

Micayla said...

I completely agree with everything you said. Especially the Tina Fey part. But I am also extremely fed up with emotions being a sign of weakness. I could go on and on about that for months!

Julie said...

Preach ON, sista!!

Isn't it funny how NO man has ever been judged on whether or not he'd be capable of being a parent while in office?

Know why? Because his WIFE is always taking care of everything for him!

I'm so excited to think there's a chance we will have someone more like us (meaning wives and mothers) in the White House!

Madre said...

Since last night was ANOTHER sleepless night for this momma, I watched Mrs. Palin's excellent speech. I was TOTALLY impressed. I LOVED hearing about the great things that she has ACCOMPLISHED in her state of Alaska. CAN ANYONE imagine NEW YORK having money left in their account???? Sarah is a smart and ambitious candidate, who believes in family, freedom and integrity. May the LORD protect what she stands for and may America remember what we were founded nation under GOD!

SarahV said...

she almost makes me want to vote for mccain...... and she absolutely could be tina fey's twin.

Tote, Debby, Sammy and Caleb Jimenez said...

i don't remember them having a problem with hilary though! seems like a double standard if you ask me! i think sarah palin's awesome and really wish she were the nomination for president!