Friday, September 26, 2008

*Tom-A-toe*Tom-AH-toe* A.K.A. Gender Bender

Amelie has been interested recently in what makes a girl a girl and what makes a boy, a boy. (This curiosity has laid the groundwork for some very interesting conversations.)
The other day we were watching Ellen, and Dolly Parton was the guest.
--Now, if you know me, you know I LOVE Dolly, so I had to watch!
Dolly came out and is um, very feminine and flashy, right? and Ellen, is very low-key--here is
Amelie's synopsis--
"Hey Mama, Dolly really likes skirts AND she has big hair. She has a pretty dress, she's fancy."
"Who's that boy there next to her?"
Ha! Isn't it interesting how at a very young age she has already assumed that all girls must wear girly things and look girly and have long hair--tonight she was really thrown for a loop when we were watching a snippet of Willy Wonka
(Johnny Depp version, he's so yummy)
and she wouldn't believe us that Willy is indeed a boy--
"Well, Mama, he's got too much hair for a boy!"
I told her someday she would like boys with long hair =)


Julie said...

That's funny. Puckey is the same way.

Sheri said...


Breezy said...

Okay, so this guy came to fix the deck at the girls house, and he was like a full-on Billy Ray Cyrus "Achy Breaky Heart" type (although very cute anyway!). Long hair, sleeveless shirt, the works! Anna was OBSESSED with him! She would sit and watch him work all day and beg me to let her take a soda out to him! So, Amelie's long-haired boy phase may come sooner then you might think!! :-)

Pamela said...

Good work, teaching your kiddos about Johnny Depp at a young age. He is superyum.