Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'm in the midst of planning a par-tay for the girls and their impending birth anniversaries and I find myself indecisive.
Very indecisive.
The party is a week away and I still have no idea where I'm hosting it.
The party is a week away and I still have no idea what activities I want to plan.
The party is a week away and I still have no idea what I want to feed the people who come.
The party is a week away and I haven't bought any decorations, favors, cake fixings etc.
{The party is a week away and not all of you have r.s.v.p.'ed =)}
The party is a week away, but one thing I know for certain....
and that my friends,
the girls
At least all of the important details are taken care of =)


Ree said...

You can always do a 'park picnic' setting. Then ask all invited to bring a picnic related food: tater salad, fruit salad, etc.
A portable b-b-q would work for some burgers and dogs!! Ask someone to bring the buns!!
Paper products are real cheap at the dollar store. And the plastic cutlery, etc. makes for easy clean up! Don't forget the trash bags!!
You can get some fruit juice there, as well along with the chips and pretzels!!
Cupcakes make it easier for serving rather than having to cut a cake. Plus kids love those anyway!! Amels can help decorate them!!
Just some suggestions!!
Hope it turns out to be a great day for you guys!!

Ree said...

P.S. I was pondering with a similar idea for Princess past b-day. But w/ maybe sammies instead. We wound up just having 2 small family parties @ each side's house because we couldn't do much $$ wise. It was nice but would have been more fun w/ some friends!!!

Janet said...

Ha! The J's will be there!

Julie said...

ree's idea for a park party is a good one - plus, the kids can run and play while the adults visit.

We did a party like that for Bug when she turned 4 and she loved it.

Ali said...

HI Michelle! If you need any help baking or decorating i would be more than happy to help! I have off that day and i know you have enough to worry about with planning the party and the girls! So just let me know! Have a great day!

P.S- Im sure i could persuade a certain uncle whose home right now to help also ;)

BluSkies80 said...

we'll be there shell-this counts as our rsvp=) it will all come together-somehow it always does=)

korleen said...

Ah birthday parties! So fun, but soooo tiring for us moms. Good luck! I'm sure the creative juices will start flowing! I always work better under pressure.