Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Art Of Embellishment

Remember that Birthday Party we have coming up and all of my angst and indecision?

Well, as you know, I have taken care of the most important detail--the outfits--which I just put the finishing touches on today--
Presenting plain white t shirts and the art of embellishment:

Amelie's cupcake shirt with coordinating pink tutu
Maeve's cupcake shirt with coordinating trimmed tshirt and jeans
I love a little embellishment, I think it makes the world a happier place.


charmed1 said...

Very cute! Did you make them?

~Dawn~ said...

Did you make those??!
You should make a little money out of that talent.. Nice!

Shelly said...

yep, i bought plain white shirts and took a pair of maeve's jeans i wasn't crazy about and made them a little more pink and snazzy =)

Julie said...

That is always SO much fun to do!! Great job!

Micayla said...

Sorry this is off the subject of your post... although they are very cute outfits.... Ryan told me that you said something about how I should have a Blogger. I actually do have one that I've been writing posts on, but I haven't actually told anyone about it. Haha... kinda silly. So, go check it out :-)

BluSkies80 said...

they look wonderful! can't wait to see them on the kiddos!

Madre said...

I lOVE the outfits! you are so very crafty, I think you could get rich, if you wanted to!