Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Winds of Change

I saved every (unstained) stitch of Amelie's clothing in case I would be blessed with another girl.
I was sure I would love those clothes forever and ever.
Unfortunately, styles and taste change so much in just a few years that I don't love those boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of clothes as much as I used to--
lucky for me God gave men (or woman) the idea to create leggings.
They have the uncanny ability to turn any plain old every day ensemble into something new and fun!
(However, this only works on children and infants--leggings are NOT cute on grown ups, not at all)
I love leggings.
I love them so much that I used to wear stirrup pants all the time--
ah stirrup pants.
Seriously--it's just sinful that some of us had to hit junior high in the late 80s early 90s--
it was like the perfect storm of bad fashion, bad hair and bad glasses.
Alright, I guess I'm done rambling, but please, comfort my heart and tell me that I wasn't the only one to partake of the stirrups--
although, maybe this is one of those times where fashion crimes are best forgotten.


We are said...

This is actually really funny. I was thinking about stir-up pants after I read your entry on peg leg jeans. I personally feel that stir-up pants were a greater sin....but man did I love them. I pray that those never EVER come back.

Lindsay said...

I too have a love affair for leggings. My highschool days were full of big shirts and sweaters over leggings. It's actualy a very flattering know, covering the hip, booty and tummy with skinny legs sticking out.
Where do you get your little girl tights? My 1 yr old is out growing her baby legs and I want tights for winter!

Shelly said...

the gap, gymboree and target all have super cute and affordable tights and leggings =) we have drawers full! ha!

Julie said...

Stirrup pants...I had them in MANY colors. I even had a pair of tan/black houndstooth check ones.

I, too, had the badly permed hair and big glasses (and I'm only 5'1", too...)

A Jersey Girl said...

HAHA! Stirrup pants! I am laughing so hard! Why, I ask did anyone think they were a good idea, and why oh, why did WE all where them:) The late 80's- early 90's were sure some fun
fashion times.

Thanks for the laugh!


Tote, Debby, Sammy and Caleb Jimenez said...

i got miles and miles out of my black stirrups. They went with everything. i also had a pair of black and white check ones that of course went with a huge fire engine red sweater. i hope there are no pictures floating around of those!

Pamela said...

Do you know about babylegs? I have no link to share with you, but they are the most loveliest things evah, and you don't have to take them off to change the diaper. Mad love for the babylegs. Even on the boys.

Anonymous said...

I actually just saw a pair of stirrup pants in our local TJ Maxx. Actually, an entire display of them - I hope and pray they don't make a comeback!

Devin said...

Stirrup pants and huge sweaters?

And, neon....don't forget the neon. I can distincly remember wearing neon socks. And, not just one pair, but two. On one foot: bright green over neon orange; on the other foot: neon orange over bright green. It went with the outfit (hypercolor tye-dyed t-shirt, of course) and I looked smooth. And that wasn't including my shoulder length, permed to infinity hair with my purple glasses.

Oh, the things we do to ourselves.

I seriously have no pictures that are fit to show ANYONE from 1987 to 1992.

Ugh. *giggle*

charmed1 said...

Been there. Done that. Never doing it again.

~Dawn~ said...

OMG! I just had a flashback of me in stirrups with slouch socks over them! We should dig into the ol' boxes and post some really incriminating pics of those days.. How fun would that be?!~

Diana said...

haha i definitely had stirrup pants!! and i just wanted to say how adorable your babies are!

Ree said...

I was more a leggings girl! The stir-ups didn't quite fit right-I guess I have longer legs and if i strapped the stir-up under my foot the waist would slide down causing me to constantly be pulling them up!
I L-O-V-E-D the leggings, though--with big shirts and sweaters AND slouch socks!!
Unfortunately, I DO have pics-from my baby shower-with the leggings, socks, of course big sweater-which worked well with my pregnant belly-AND BIG hair!! UGH!!
That will make a good post, though--I'll have to dig those puppies out!! LOL

SarahV said...

stirrup pants? guilty :)